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Solar Revolution



Oscillation Transia film festival events are powered entirely by solar energy. The benefits of utilizing a solar generator are numerous and far-reaching:


The solar generator is silent. This is crucial for film screenings. A typical gas or diesel generator would not easily work for this application.


Sunshine is abundant and free. Once the generator is built, it is free and simple to operate. We do not need to purchase and handle fuel while on tour which saves on expenses and smooths our operation.


We have power autonomy. We can have power wherever our generator wheels can roll. This allows us to have screenings in unique and uncharted locations, regardless of whether or not there’s a power outlet. 


No greenhouse gas is emitted. Our events celebrate and promote the imperative global shift away from fossil fuels for electricity generation by using clean and renewable energy. 

The System—How it Works


Solar panels are permanently mounted to the roof of the Oscillation Transia equipment trailer. While traveling down the road between events, the solar panels generate electricity from sunlight via the photovoltaic effect. The energy is stored by passing the electricity through a ‘charge controller’, which regulates and monitors the charge, and into a bank of lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries. The batteries, as well as all other electrical equipment, are mounted inside the Oscillation Transia solar cart. When it comes time for a film screening, the solar cart unplugs from the panels and is rolled out to wherever it is needed to power the speakers, projector, lights, and other electronics. The energy is pulled off the battery with a pure sine wave inverter, which switches the 48 Volt DC power to 120 Volt AC power . 



All components were carefully sized and selected based on the amount of energy consumed during a film screening, the maximum current draw, and the required charge time for the batteries. 

Solar Education



Accompanying the film screening at each Oscillation Transia event is a solar energy workshop led by festival engineer, Austin Krause. This solar education program is meant to educate, inspire, and facilitate the growth and utilization of solar power systems in communities across the United States. 


The workshop will cover the basics of solar, discuss its benefits and applications, and demonstrate ways participants can incorporate solar into their own lives to reduce their impact. No workshop is the same as Austin leads a fun, discussion-based hour catered to the questions, interest, and knowledge of those who wish to join  -- whether you're a curious newcomer to solar and a seasoned enthusiast!

Photos courtesy of Forest Woodward

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