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Our Mission

Oscillation Transia Film Festival is a non-profit organization, exploring the intersection of solar energy application and environmental awareness through the art of film. Our goal is to unite a diverse population of Americans by means of a free, open-to-the-public film festival where dreamers and allies of the future can come together to experience and discuss environmental awareness through low-impact outdoor cinema.

Our founders are celebrating one wild idea: to self-sustainably travel America, sharing innovative films through the power of solar energy in some of the most inspirational places in the United States. 

​Our Goals

• Educate American communities on practical applications of solar energy through solar energy workshops

• Promote cultural unity within the United States by creating shared experiences between rural and urban communities

• Promote environmental preservation by using 100% renewable solar energy to power film screenings

• Travel the United States self-sustainably and leave-no-trace

Inspired by America’s next generation, Oscillation Transia Film Festival is an educational program in service of the environment, solar energy, and community culture. The film festival celebrates sustainability by hosting low-impact film screenings throughout America’s diverse natural landscape using only renewable solar energy and traveling the United States with a leave-no-trace perspective.

If you are a like-minded business or organization that would be interested in partnering with or sponsoring Oscillation Transia Film Festival please contact us:

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