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Featured Artist Campaign

The purpose of our Featured Artist Campaign, is to highlight talented creatives who are inspired by nature, travel and movement. Our goal is to offer exposure to artists we respect, while complementing the integrity of our festival through sharing compelling and original works of art.

To apply, please send artist bio and work samples to:

Discover Artists

Chimera Singer



Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Chimera Rene is a nomadic travel and environmental portrait photographer. She uses photography to celebrate the richness of life and as a means to brainstorm, as a way of challenging how she

and others see and think.

To learn more visit:

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Kevin Bond



Originally a Philadelphia based Photographer, Kevin Graduated from University of the Arts in 2014. Kevin enjoys nothing more than the outdoors and traveling. Alternative process photography has consistently been a huge passion and will always be a large part of his work. Kevin is currently living and working in Santa Fe New Mexico.

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Jon Vaders


Jonathan Vaders is a photographer and filmmaker from Philadelphia. These photos were taken on site in Jamaica for his film, Love Me Forever.  Love Me Forever,  is an experiential glimpse into the life of people living in and around the St. Mary Parish of Jamaica. Shot on 16mm film, medium format film, and also digitally, it jumps between formats and time capturing a variation of reinterpreted memories.

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Shawheen Keyani


Shawheen is a artist/photographer currently living in Los Angeles, CA.  We are proud to feature his series, Sinking World.

He writes:

"Sinking World was an attempt to create photographs that were done on location, using found items and volunteers in Santa Cruz, CA. The visual message is simple: something is happening here, it is not where it should be, it is in the wrong place, also, everyone is ignoring all the water around them. Furthermore are they ignoring it or is this all they know? When you have an answer, please let me know!"

To learn more visit:

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Rebecca Stumpf


Rebecca Stumpf is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Colorado. She loves

to focus on interesting places, food culture, and people. When not in Colorado, she can often be found

roaming the world with her camera (and more than occasionally posting to Instagram).

To learn more visit:

Heather Binns


Heather Binns is a freelance photographer based in the Portland, OR area specializing in travel and lifestyle photography.  She lives full-time in an Airstream with her partner and documents their adventures on   Heather seeks the beauty of the human spirit and nature. By melding her creativity, wanderlust, and deep desire to help others, Heather has discovered new terrain, both creatively and literally.

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Reed Klass


Reed Klass is a student photojournalist and filmmaker originally from Columbus, Ohio, currently studying photojournalism at the University of Montana. He aspires to work as both a commercial and journalistic photographer and filmmaker after graduating, but his true passion is for telling stories that matter. Reed’s work toes the line between fine art and documentary and he hopes to use his skill set to document in the realm of social justice and conflict.

To learn more visit:

More Artists To Be Announced

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