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Oscillation Transia’s founder

and director is artist/filmmaker

Jess Giacobbe. Jess grew up running around the backwoods of rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Since graduating from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, she has lived and worked in Los Angeles and Brooklyn as a freelance artist, photographer and filmmaker. She has also traveled across the entire United States in her 1994 Volvo station wagon, twice. It was her travels throughout the U.S. that directly inspired her to start Oscillation Transia, to share the art of filmmaking in some of the most inspirational places in the United States.

Jess Giacobbe

Founder & Creative Director


In September 2016, Jess enlisted the help of close friend and solar engineer,

Austin Krause. Austin graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA with his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduation, he has lived in Los Angeles, Telluride, CO, Brooklyn, NY, and Pine Hill, NY working in the solar industry. Sharing Jess’ passion for adventure, Austin was quick to offer his knowledge and experience to design and build the festival’s solar generator, and as well as co-coordinate the tour.

It was while they were camping in the magnetic desert of Joshua Tree, CA that Austin and Jess realized Oscillation Transia could be much more than a film festival. They decided that they must take the unique opportunity to make a difference—by spreading environmental awareness and cultural unity across the United States. They have not looked back since.


Austin Krause

Engineer & Co-Coordinator

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