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9/5            Missoula, MT

9/10          Healdsburg, CA

9/13          Big Sur, CA

9/27          Marfa, TX

10/9          New Orleans, LA

10/12       Millbrook, AL

5/24        Honesdale PA

6/6           Philadelphia, PA

6/14         w/ Woodstock Film Fest, Mt. Tremper, NY*

7/9            Taos, NM

7/18          Bigfork, MT

8/17         Polebridge, MT

(See bottom of the page for directions and event details)

2019 Route and Schedule

*events where alternative film program is shown

Event Details

Oscillation Transia Film Festival is an outdoor event exploring the intersection of solar energy and independent cinema. Each event will include a free one-hour solar workshop and 90-minute film screening. Seating and fresh water will be provided at each event.  Attendees are encouraged to bring:

Blanket, just in case the weather drops or you would like to sit on the ground.

Reusable Water Bottle, we will provide fresh water and encourage our guests to minimize their waste!

Notebook, to save info from the solar workshop and for inspirational thoughts that may arise during the film screening.

Your Ideas, this is a place for learning; we would love to hear about your own creative and eco-conscious practices.


5/24   Old School Farm |  Honesdale, PA  | Film Screening 8:30 pm |  DIRECTIONS   |  Event Page 

6/6      The Rail Park |  Philadelphia, PA  | Film Screening 9:00 pm |  DIRECTIONS   |  Event Page 

New York

6/14   Maurice D. Hinchey Catskills Visitors Center |   Mt. Tremper, NY  | Film Screening 9 pm |  DIRECTIONS    

New Mexico

7/9   KTAOS Solar Center |   Taos, NM  | Solar Workshop TBA | Film Screening 9 pm |  DIRECTIONS  |  Event Page



7/18  Sliter's Park  | Bigfork, MT | Solar Workshop TBA| Film Screening 9:45 pm | More info coming soon!

8/17  Northern Lights Saloon  | Polebridge, MT | Solar Workshop 2 pm | Film Screening 9:15 pm |  Event Page​

9/5   The Roxy Theater | Missoula, MT | Film Screening TBA


9/10   Reeve Wines |   Healdsburg, CA  | Solar Workshop TBA | Film Screening 8 pm |  DIRECTIONS |  Event Page


9/13   Henry Miller Memorial Library |  Big Sur, CA |  Solar Workshop TBA | Film Screening 8 pm |  DIRECTIONS 

Event Page 


9/27   Truckland Marfa |   Marfa, TX  | Solar Workshop TBA | Film Screening 8:30 pm |  DIRECTIONSEvent Page 


10/9   Paradigm Gardens |   New Orleans, LA  | Solar Workshop TBA | Film Screening 7:00 pm |  DIRECTIONS


10/12   Town of Spectre |  Millbrook, AL  | Solar Workshop 4:30 pm | Film Screening 6:30 pm |  DIRECTIONSEvent Page 



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