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2019 Oscillation Impact Award Winner, "Surf Girls Jamaica"
By: The Right To Roam

2019 Oscillation Impact Award Winner, "Surf Girls Jamaica"

Surf Girls Jamaica


Imani Wilmot is a role model to a community of Afro Caribbean surfers in Jamaica and beyond. She is using surfing as a tool to transform the lives of many Jamaican women.


Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of color to have access to surfing and to see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.


The Right To Roam: Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane are an award-winning, independent documentary unity, whose films have been featured on platforms such as National Geographic, Nowness, and VICE.


To The Right To Roam, creators of Surf Girls Jamaica,

"Thank you for capturing a story that unveils the harsh reality for many women living in Jamaica, while simultaneously highlighting their perseverance and resilience. By addressing the lack of diversity in the surf industry and the outdoor industry as a whole you are allowing so many unamplified voices to be heard. This story of sisterhood and women supporting women has undeniably impacted every audience we've had the privilege of showing it to."

                               -Founder and Director Jess Giacobbe

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OSCILLATION TRANSIA FILM FESTIVAL is a non-profit traveling event, exploring the intersection of solar energy application and environmental awareness through the art of film.


Combining the love for nature and outdoor cinema, Oscillation Transia is screening works in outdoor and rural areas around the U.S. Films will be exploring both fictional and non-fictional themes of movement, nomadic living, adventure, and human connection to the natural world.


Oscillation Transia will be screening works by national and international filmmakers for its

5th tour in the contiguous

United States, summer/fall 2023. 


They will be utilizing amphitheaters located within many parks, and also incorporating "pop-up" screenings in more rural locations.  Using a projector and solar generator, they have the ability to present in a wide range of remote areas -- usually uncharted territory for traditional film festivals. 


2018 Oscillation Impact Award Winner, "Overberg."
Jacques Naude

2018 Oscillation Impact Award Winner, "Overberg."



There is a secret held in the substrate. And it whispers ‘wonder’ on a warm-wind-roll across the hills of the Overberg. 


There is a pastoral church community cradled in these foothills. Children play and invent magical games in the yellow fields. And grandmother makes food on Sunday.  There is no clutter only hearth. And there is an old soft spoken man who knows.  


There is mastery at work. As he fixes gaze with a young boy across the harvest field, time slows; wisdom and youth bound in ambiguity across the intangible. The unease of their linear separation softened only by his poetry and presence. As he looks and dreams back and forth across the threshold of what was and what is to come, he knows.  


He knows he is one and the same; both now and then, at once oscillating in some infinite loop. 

And he longs for return.


Jacques Naude was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. His methood of working is to mix influences culled from the worlds of subculture, graphic design and cinema. He currently resides in New York City.


To Jacques Naude creator of Overberg,

"Thank you for transporting everyone into a dream. Successfully rendering the importance of a place is something I admire. The saturated otherworldly feeling of your film causes anyone who watches it to pause, and remain starstruck. Even while questioning their own interpretations of your story, they felt undeniably impacted."

                               -Founder and Director Jess Giacobbe

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